Work Opportunities

Work and Stay at Up The Creek

Up The Creek offers travellers and adventures the chance to stay longer by helping out with the various tasks required to run the business. This opportunity is available year-round, but is not available to persons without an off-Coast residential address.

Two options are available:

  1. Make a normal booking or merely turn up, pay for a minimum of three night's accommodation, and if you like what Roberts Creek has to offer, enquire about the possibility of our "work and stay" program. This will be totally at our discretion, subject to availability and suitability.
  2. Alternatively, use the Online Reservation Request form to complete a "work and stay" booking of 2 weeks minimum. Please make sure you click the "Work and Stay" box. A credit card number will be required for this, with a two week $150 cancellation charge applying, as we will be relying upon your agreed work. Of course, no charges will be made if you arrive as planned. After a short Skype chat (to learn about your skill sets and suitability to the position), your accommodation will be confirmed and is guaranteed for 2 weeks duration. Please add martin.l.prestage to your skype contacts or include your Skype address within your Registration form.

Work is expected for 4 hours per day (6 hours from a couple staying), for 5 days per week. This will generally be mornings between 10am–2pm, and will include a Thursday, Friday & Sunday, the other two days by arrangement.

Work duties will include cleaning, gardening, building maintenance, lawn care, painting, planting, pruning, chopping/stacking firewood, fruit harvest, bike cleaning, and various related projects. If you have a specific skill set, please tell us when you make your booking so that we can put your skills to best use.

In return for your 20 hours per week, Up The Creek will provide you with free accommodation in our 14' travel trailer within the 1/2 acre garden. This trailer is equipped with two fold out beds, a propane stove, electricity including fridge, cold water services, electric heater and possibly a chemical toilet. It is 75' away from the main house, and has uninterrupted views of the garden. In some circumstances, and where more than one person is staying under this program, the volunteer may occupy a dorm bed within the main lodge. The "Work and Stay" traveller also gets use of the main backpacker accommodation, including free wireless internet, free loaner bikes, all as per the main website. Please note that laundry use is not included.

The accommodation   view from travel trailer   inside the accommodation
the accommodation : the view from the travel trailer : inside the accommodation

Past Work & Stay volunteer hosts

Choirie and Noah (UK)

Choirie and Noah (UK); June 10 — “I completely overcame my fear of spiders at Up The Creek, after Martin had us replacing that underfloor insulation”

Kamila (Montreal)

Kamila (Montreal); Aug 10 — “Without doubt the best three months I had in BC”

Wil (Australia), Julia (Germany)

Wil McCauley (Australia); Dec 2012 — “Had an awesome time at Up The Creek, on the Work and Stay program. Martin's a legend for allowing me to stay as long as I have. Worked on a lot of different projects during my stay. That's one thing Martin's never short of. Projects.”

Julia (Germany); Dec 2012 — “From the paint on my face to the dirt under my fingernails, I loved every second of my work & stay experience”

Kate and Ben (Australia)

Kate and Ben (Australia); Feb 10 — “For us it was the perfect interlude in a sleepy little area on the Sunshine Coast. There are plenty of things to do if you are interested in outdoor pursuits…”

Ritake (Belgium)

Ritake (Belgium); Oct 10 — “Each week I'd fill up even more bags of garden waste, filling the UTC van to the brim”

Tom and Jane

Jane (New Zealand) & Tom (UK) — “Martin always seems to have wood to move from one place to another!!”