Up The Creek- Communicable Disease Prevention (September 17, 2021)


The information contained within this Safety Plan follows Public Health guidelines, and may change. 

In accordance with Province- wide restrictions made by the BC Public Health Office effective 1st July, Up The Creek is now fully open under Step 3 of BC’s 4 part Restart Plan and has resumed normal operations.

Up The Creek welcomes all travellers for both recreational and business travel, but reminds travellers who are sick to remain home.

In accordance with the Public Health Order last revised on Sept 2nd 2021, Masks are now required when at indoor public settings, ie inside our common spaces, including the shared dorm room. This order will hopefully be reassessed when proof of vaccination and B.C.’s vaccine card are fully implemented. 

Please note that accommodations are not listed as businesses required to check vaccination proof

Thank you for your patience in working with us. We appreciate and need your support.

Cleanliness & Sanitization

Up The Creek ordinarily uses natural and organic materials for cleaning, but during the tail end of this pandemic we reserve the right to use bleach, ethanol or other products as dictated by the conditions.

High touch surfaces such as door knobs, counters, light switches, stair railings etc will be regularly sanitized using approved bleach or other products.

Guests and staff are encouraged to wash hands thoroughly and frequently using soap and water.

Bed linens will still be provided, and all beds will have a fitted bottom sheet, a top sheet and two pillow cases. These are laundered after every use. Dorm bed customers are required to make up their own bed. Duvet covers are washed according to use. Personal sheets, duvets & sleeping bags are not allowed.

The Cherry Cabin will not be made up with a top sheet, and as a result the duvet cover is changed after every single customer.

All our entrances, bedrooms, bathrooms and guest kitchen will have hand sanitizer available. Private room guests will be given a shower towel. Please do not leave shower towels and toiletries in the bathrooms. Dorm bed customers may rent a shower towel for $2.

About Guests

Please do not attempt to visit Up The Creek if you have experienced, or come into contact with someone displaying, any of the following symptoms within the last 14 days: Gastrointestinal distress, fevers, sore throat, chills, coughing, sniffles, congestion, aching and a loss of smell and or taste.

We are now able to accept both Canadian residents and foreign nationals who have travelled outside of Canada, provided they have met the requirements of ArriveCAN.

At Check In

The Arbutus co-ed dorm room will now be open with all 7 beds in use.

As ordinarily required by the conditions of the 2003 Hotel Keepers Act, all guests will be required to provide ID (passport or driver’s licence). No ID means no stay.

During Your Stay

Please do not hesitate to advise staff if you have any concerns regarding another guest’s behaviour.

At Check Out

Upon vacating your room, please remove your bed linens, (but not duvet cover) and pillow cases, and place them in the laundry basket in the lounge on the main floor. Private room customers are asked to leave their window and door wide open to aid ventilation.

After Your Stay

If you have any suggestions or observations on how we can improve your comfort and safety while staying at Up The Creek, please do not hesitate to contact us. And of course, if you wish to leave a review, please do so at Trip Advisor, Google, or through the booking platform you used.

For Staff and Volunteers

Up The Creek relies upon our WorkStay program for cleaning support. We are now able to accept foreign nationals into this position provided they meet travel visa and ArriveCAN requirements.

Please make the volunteer’s job easier by keeping the rooms tidy and keeping personal items out of bathrooms.

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