1261 Roberts Creek Road
Roberts Creek
Sunshine Coast, BC V0N 2W2

(At the corner of Kraus Road, 100m down from the Community Hall)

Ferry Routes

Don’t be alarmed if you go to make a Reservation and see that there are none available. BC Ferries only allocate a specific percentage to advance Reservations, the rest being first come-first served. Turn up early, especially on a Friday afternoon coming to the Coast, and on a Sunday leaving the Coast, and you’ll be sure to get on eventually. Horseshoe Bay is not such a bad place to hang out.

Please note that the ticket to Langdale is a return cost; there is no charge for leaving the Lower Sunshine Coast. There is also no cost for leaving the Lower Sunshine Coast at Earls Cove, on the way up to Powell River.

Backpacker $$ saving hint: If you plan to make multiple trips to the Coast, or if your group ticket cost is going to more than $95 (four adults plus a vehicle, or $55 for foot passengers only), you can save almost 25% by buying a BC Ferries Experience Card at the terminal, when you buy your ticket. It’s a charge card meant for locals, but anyone can buy one, and you’ll save every time you use BC Ferries’ minor routes.

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